Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KARL BISCUIT - Fatal Reverie (chronovisor mix)

"If when my day will come
You could offer me
A time without remains and memory
But I do not die
From coughing up a little blood
When my fall of shame and misery
Will not defeat the fatal reveries
But I do not die
From coughing up a little blood
I cry a long time in solitary
If that morning could be 'le cafard'."

I cannot rest, and I cannot sleep. And I'm scared to fall asleep, because of getting fatal reveries. And while thinking of that miserable situation, I did remember of a song I didn't listen to for ages. It was also the time, when I did colour my short cutted hair bleach-blond, and I did colour my beard black (with mascara!). Oh yes - and I did wear black clothes only. And I also couldn't find a rest and a sleep at that time, back in those days. And I didn't talk too much, and I didn't laugh. Well, it wasn't the aera of laughing. And then, I listened to this kind of music I want to introduce you a piece of it today.
The today's artist comes from France, and he only did three releases in the mid 80s on vinyl. Thank god all his songs did find a place on CD which was released in 2003. It's a pretty pity that he still is almost unknown, or if he is known, then he is too much underrated. Well, in German we call it then: 'Geheimtipp'. This dark synthiesizer popmusic is reserved for my 'grey' days, when the sun is not able to enlighten myself. To bring a creative note I did stretch this wonderful song to a nicely listenable lenght, the original lenght is 05:13 mins. Be happy anyway and ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

Fatal Reverie
(chronovisor mix)
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