Saturday, March 31, 2012

OMD - Souvenir [1981] (spiral tribe extended edit)

OMD's biggest selling single in the UK,the 10" extended version featured only an extra verse of unique lyrics in the middle of the track,in duration making it only extra 30 secs approx longer than the 7" version.Here is my extended edit:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ACT - Absolutely Immune (chronovisor mix v1.0)

ACT! - like, know? ;-) (Part 2)

As I promised, here is the second song, which was also the second release from this music project (I don't wanna say band). Sadly they splitted up after one year of existence. But thank god, we still can listen to their music, and thinking about, what would have been possible, if they would have been played out their complete potential.

But well, here we are: I used to need the album version and the instrumental version, which was made from the album version and not from the single or the extended version, thank god. So, here ends the story of ACT at this time. ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

Absolutely Immune
(chronovisor mix v1.0)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Pulp - My Lighthouse [1983]
(Spiral Tribe Extended Edit)

Debut single from Pulp, possibly best known for their mid 90s body of work with singles "Common People" and "Disco 2000" being the most notable by them. But this charming,jaunty folk laden debut offering by Pulp is by far their best track in my humble opinion. Due to lack of promotion by the small label that Pulp were on in the 1980s this single sadly faded without a trace and failed to get anywhere near the top 150 in the 1983 UK singles chart. There was no 12" release. Here is my no frills extended edit......
Pulp - My Lighthouse [1983] (Spiral Tribe Extended Edit)