Friday, January 31, 2014

RECOIL - Jezebel (chronovisor edit)

2014 ?   GET REAL !!!

Hi folks!

Belated Happy New Year to all of you. Hopefully your New Year's resolutions are still going well. Mine do - err... sort of. :)

Today I'm happy to present you a solo project from ALAN WILDER who was a member of DEPECHE MODE, where he replaced VINCE CLARKE, before he decided to start his solo project in 1986 and leaving the band at the end in 1995.

In his songs he gives almost forgotten artists a platform to be heard again after a long time. In the today's case it's THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET. And if you listen carefully enough, then you can also here the wonderful voice of DIAMANDA GALÀS on background vocals.

In this mix I combined the instrumental version, which was released on the O.S.T. of "The Hole" only, with the vocal version to get a typical easy to listen to 'chronovisor edit'.


Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

(chronovisor edit)