Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LAID BACK - Get Laid Back (chronovisor edit)

Hello music.blog lovers out there!

So, this posting does put a new subject on the table, doesn't it?

The magnificence of the 10s.*

But I guess I won't use it that much, unless some really good music has seen the day of light recently. And the today's piece of music definitely is a really good one.

It apparently is one of those 'leftovers' from some early 80s material these Denmark related people never did finish for release. But now it's out, and it was about time, don't you think?

For the today's 'chronovisor edit' I basicly combined the first part with the second one still wondering why they didn't do it by themselves, because it is so obvious.

Anyway - here you go, and I hope you all enjoy it as I always do.

Floyd Anderson.

*See at my music.blog.

Here is the info:

Get Laid Back
(chronovisor edit)