Tuesday, December 11, 2012

STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN - Packjammed (With The Party Posse) (chronovisor mix)

Hi there, music.blog.lovers!

It's now more than three years ago, that I posted the first big hit of this producers, I introduce you today.

They were so famous in the 80s that a lots of artists wanted to be produced by them, but they had also their own hits, and this is now the second one.

Because of my 40somethings birthday today it is the perfect tune to party all night long. :-)

I wish you all the best for Christmas, and before the new year starts I will post a little surprise for my fellow chronovisor.blog.lovers.

ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

Packjammed (With The Party Posse)
(chronovisor mix)