Saturday, August 06, 2011

Golden Years (Cygnet Extended Mix)

" walked luck and you looked in time. Never look back, walk tall, act fine..."

Yes. Another mix of Golden Years.
My Bowie fanaticism knows no end.

This mix features only the original version which I extended to 6:26 minutes. I made use of the remix stems recently made available in an iphone app – but not using an iphone… or the app.

Golden Years is well known enough, no need to go into any description about the song I believe, as it features on almost all best of Bowie compilations.

One interesting note though is that a few folks actually did cover this song. Reason I mention this is that it tends to be a Bowie song that isn't chosen very often. Wonder why... probably singing "Angel" in a falsetto places it in the too-hard-basket for most. That reason ofcourse didn't stop young Marilyn Manson creating his own alternative improvised mistake.

The two better covers are by Loose Ends (1986) and Mascara (1979).

Anyway, here is a mix I’m a little proud of. Enjoy!

Golden Years (Cygnet Extended Mix)


dreamtime said...

that mix is was never one of my favorite Bowie songs, but you managed to make it one!!!
re-posted it on my blog!
great job!!!

Liezel said...

Thanks mate, much appreciated!
I really hope it wasn't the re-post that was annoying blogger...
Really sorry to hear about the loss. Hope and looking forward to see your blog up and running again soon!