Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ICEHOUSE - Hey Little Girl (chronovisor mix)

Hi there!

These days I spotted a peace of music in the www I was looking for ages. And I must say, that without other people's fantastic work bringing up these little gems in a perfect quality, my results wouldn't be as good as they are. So, thank you everyone who makes these things possible! ;-)

Now, the today's track is one of the classical pop songs of the 80s, made from a very successful Australian band and hey, I live in Australia, so... ;-)

So, all I did was combining the vocal version with the dub version creating a 'chronovisor mix' with my best intentions to make it the most easy listening for you.

P.S.: This mix is dedicated to my beloved wife who I met today three years ago, and I thought by myself: 'Hey little girl...' ;-)

ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

Hey Little Girl
(chronovisor mix)


Liezel said...

#1 Crush on you ;-)

dreamtime said...

just reposted this great mix on my blog: