Saturday, January 22, 2011

a-ha - "The Living Daylights" (808's Licence to Kill Mix)

"The Living Daylights" was a revolutionary installment in the James Bond movie franchise. This 1987 movie was most notable, in that it was the first to star actor Timothy Dalton in the role of James Bond. And of course, the score by composer John Barry is, as always, memorable.

Continuing on from 1983's "A View to a Kill", in which Barry enlisted British new wave band Duran Duran to do the title song, here it is the Norway pop group a-ha who contributes the movie's title theme. While this song is memorable, and powerful in it's own right, a-ha themselves recorded what I thought was a far superior version of this song for their 1988 album "Stay On These Roads". This version always seemed to me to be more focussed, and powerful.

So, for this extended mix, while I did use some parts from the original song, and also the 12" extended mix based from that mix, I relied most heavily on the (in my view) far superior album cut. At various parts throughout the song, and especially during the overly bombastic beginning and ending of this mix, I made use of John Barry's orchestral version of this song as well. The result is an extended mix which I think truly captures the James Bond spirit.

This mix clocks in at a leisurely 9 minutes and 40 seconds

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