Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster (Jammin') (808's extended mix)

I was a big fan of Stevie Wonder back in the day, and at age 11 I remember getting the album Hotter than July for Christmas. It had lots of wonderful tracks on it, but I always liked the message behind the reggae-influenced "Master Blaster".

I managed to get ahold of the 7" single of this, and noticed there was a VERY interesting dub mix on the other side, using all kinds of wild effects and interesting sounds. So in doing this mix, I decided I would blend this version with the original album cut.

In doing this mix, I didn't use a lot of straight edits ... for much of it the two mixes play on top of each other, but I will do crossfades at key points, including one part towards the end where Stevie sings acapella for about 2 bars.

The entire mix clocks in at 7 minutes and 19 seconds.

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