Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Erasure - Love is a Loser (808's Across the Nation mix)

In 1985, Vince Clarke, late of his recent musical experiments with Alison Moyet (Yazoo), and Feargal Sharkey (the one off single which was The Assembly), decided to put an ad in the London musical newspaper Melody Maker, looking for a vocalist. Out of many hopefuls to respond was Andy Bell, a very hopeful singer from Basildon. After some successful auditions, Erasure was born, becoming one of the most enduring acts to survive outside of the 80's.

Their debut album Wonderland in 1985 was my first introduction to this duo, and I've been a lifelong fan ever since. A number of remixes were spawned from the tracks on this album, but one that got sadly overlooked was "Love is a Loser", a really bouncy and joyful synthesizer track with a really addictive beat. I always thought this track deserved the extended 12" treatment, but it never happened.

So, I decided to fix this oversight once and for all. I used only the original track from the album, but managed to align instrumental sections to eventually isolate the vocals, synth lines, percussion, and even the bassline, then reassemble them together. I used flanging on the vocal and snare bits, and even added my own sampled percussion from a Roland TR-707 and 727 mahcine, two machines Vince used on the Wonderland album. The opening has almost a loping reggae feel to it, but this is most definitely a classic 80's extended remix track. Get ready for a trip back to 1985.

Running time for this mix is 6 minutes and 5 seconds.

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