Saturday, October 23, 2010

Megamix: A-ha, Go West, Phil Collins, Teena Marie

My first installment is a megamix I originally conceived in my basement in 1985, thanks to a pair of casette decks and a turntable. I always thought these songs belonged together. Running at about 165 BPM, you have the 12" extended mix of A-ha's "Take on Me", the Indiscriminate Mix of Go West "Call Me", the extended 12" mix of "Don't Lose My Number" by Phil Collins, then "Alibi" by Teena Marie, a track off her "Starchild" album. The megamix then shifts back to the endings of the Phil Collins and A-ha tracks. I also overlaid the extra percussion on Phil Collins' track onto the a-ha track throughout the megamix too.

I chose these tracks, not just because of a similar tempo, but the key signature of these tracks I thought made them blend well together.

Running time for the megamix is 15:50

Download here

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