Friday, October 22, 2010

Alan Parsons Project - Time (808's Extended Mix)

It's funny, but this song was always one of my favorite APP songs of all time (with the possible exception of "Eye in the Sky"). I always liked the wistfulness of the lyrics, and the gentleness of the melody. This is truly a wonderful and beautiful masterpiece.

I was partially inspired for this mix, by the Dreamtime mix of "Eye in the Sky". I did some looking around, and managed to get ahold of a demo mix of this song, so I added in elements from this demo version (which is piano, drum, and bass only) and crossfaded it with the original track.

The running time for this masterpiece is a glorious 9 minutes and 53 seconds of pure bliss.
I will be posting another Alan Parsons Project mix soon. Stay tuned.

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Al said...

Great mix! Excellent come-down track.