Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CAT STEVENS - Was Dog A Doughnut? (chronovisor mix)

Hi out there!

Pre P. S.: I never thought that I would mix a tune from this artist ever! ;-)

It's been more than a year now that I posted a song from the 70s, but today's the day to do it again. I wanted to do this one anyway shortly, but a mail I recently got from Niels from Denmark, who still runs a famous private website about his favourite band THE HUMAN LEAGUE, reminded me of the today's song immediately. If you ever have a chance to listen to their song 'Total Panic' you maybe know what I mean.

So this tune today came out in 1977 and it didn't correspond at all to the other songs of the album from this artist IMHO. But I (still) see it as a musical forerunner to all the music that came out in the 80s which had an electronical backgrond.

Ach - I guess you all will see what I mean, right? ;-) The song itself is genius!

ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

P. S.: This is my last posting made in Austria, because I return to Australia in two weeks time.

Here is the info:

Was Dog A Doughnut?
(chronovisor mix)
music file

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