Friday, September 11, 2009

David Bowie - Fame (Cygnet Mix)

I was planning to mix some various version of Fame together since I started mixing, but it always turned out more tricky than I thought. For this mix I used the original 1975 album version, the 1990 Gass Mix, the Queen Latifah Mix, Hip Hop Mix, Absolutely Nothing Premeditated Mix, the wonderful mashup by Audiodile called Dirty Way To Fame, as well a little bit from the 1978 Stage live version.

Fame (Cygnet Mix)


dreamtime said...

good to see you back in action as well. do you all now live in sydney or where?

Liezel said...

Hey Dreamtime, yes indeed. Chronovisor and I live here in Sydney now and we love this place. If you ever fly round this way, we should really catch up :)