Sunday, May 10, 2009

A-HA - Take On Me
(McDoC Evo-XR Mix 1 & 2)

Running time, Mix 1: 6:40
Running time, Mix 2: 7:57

I've always thought that even the extended version was still kind of short at 4:48, so I stretched it further to 6:40 -- for remix version 1 (with the drum intro from the single version), then 7:57 -- for remix version 2 (wherein I rearranged the verses and used the intro of the extended version). Oh well, check these out if you dare. Comments are welcome. :)

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Cidio said...

I've just downloaded mix !, It it is just great that I'm just afraid of downloading #2

McDoC said...

Glad you liked it Cidio.
THANKS and don't be afraid of downloading #2, it's OK too.