Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is There Something I Should Know?
(McDoC Evo-XR Monster Vox Mix)

Running time: 8:09

The "night versions" of the fab five's hits were much sought after by dance clubs in the eighties. Since this song didn't have an official extended version (well, the monster mix was actually more of a dub mix), I patterned this re-edit to the arrangement of a "night version" (starting with a long instrumental part before the vocals set in). The result is a simple remix stretched to about 8 minutes and 9 seconds.

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zacproduction said...

great site and great work.
there was an official 12" version in 1983.the 12 " that i have is 6:44 long..

McDoC said...

THANKS zacproduction. Chronovisor and dreamtime are the ones who conceived this site and deserves the praises. I'm just lucky to be included among the contributors.
Yes there was an official 12" called the Monster Mix which was more of a dub version. Anyway, the fab five were really great.

dreamtime said...

´hola guys!

i´m posting from madrid/spain.

mcdoc is too kind in mentioning our contributione. we only had the idea to pool the resources of fan remixers from all over the world. the real work is done by each remixer - so thanx for the praise - but it would be nothing without the people envolved.