Thursday, January 22, 2009

DAVID BOWIE - Sound + Vision (808 STATE Version) (chronovisor mix) [repost]


These days I got a nice request:

Hi Floyd aka "chronovisor",

I write you from good ol' Europe (in my case Luxembourg, so german would also be ok for an answer). I'm a great Bowie fan - and this way I found many hints to your remix of the Bowie classic "Sound & Vision" or to be more exact: your remix of the 808 state version of Sound & Vision.

This way I found the link to zhare as well, but: since more than a week I'm trying to download from there - with no success at all. Meanwhile I hitted on that stupid link for more than a hundred times (noticed by the counter on that side jumping from something in the 800'ies up to 1012 now ... and their 'download' page is only reloading, but never starting the download at all (even tried with different browsers and operating systems!).

So well, that's my problem and the reason why I'm asking for your kind help. You will do me a great favour when you could help me out with a working link ;) or any helpful hint to another working download option to get this sought remix.

Looking forward to your help. With best wishes,

TopaZ :)

Well TopaZ from Luxemburg, such a nice request like you did needs to be rewarded, so, the link is revitalised. ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

P.S.: The filehoster zshare was attacked late last year and all the links (not only mine ones!) were deleted. So, for requests from old links of that filehoster, just e-mail me, you see, it works! :-)

Here is the info:

Sound + Vision (808 STATE Version)
(chronovisor mix)
music file


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks for sharing, S & V is one of my favorite Bowie songs.

TopaZ said...

Hi Floyd,

first of all many THANKS for your quick response and the re-upload. Your really did me a big favour with this one. And thanks for your kind words - got the file now and will be more than happy to enjoy it when home (still at the office here ...) ;)

Best wishes,

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