Friday, October 03, 2008

NEW ORDER - Here To Stay (chronovisor extended mix)

Recently a fellow member of the very likeable music forum NewOrderOnLine did wonder these days, if someone did a mix of a song from a very favourited band of mine, as you all probably may know meanwhile. ;-) Because he did give a try on that, but it didn't seem to work out good enough for him. So I did reply him like "hmmm... could get worked out, anyway, I'll give a try!...", and so it did happen at least. Luckily I was guided well by him to take the original 7" version and the extended instrumental version to get the today's presented extended version. Firstly I did send it out to a few people all over the world being asked by a personal request, and because I thankfully got just positive responses, finally, here it is again, showed to everyone. Just ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Update from Jan. 22, 2009: Link is revitalised.

Here is the info:

Here To Stay
(chronovisor extended mix)
music file

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Anonymous said...

Hi Please repost the new Order downloads links. Thank´s