Saturday, June 28, 2008

A second welcome!


STRICTLY MIXES is a worldwide operating and open sourced mixing platform. The goal is to give original compositions a new face without changing the original structures of it. At least 4 persons found each other in this huge virtual system called www, because of creating similar mixes. So, I'm very happy that this blog finally had the chance to see the daylight letting the world now about the work of us. Other persons will be invited later as well (and be sure, we have some candidates!) to join STRICTLY MIXES with their work, helping us to establish this blog and to get well known all over the world.
Finally I let you know why the blog is already worldwide operating, let's see:
DreamTime: Born in Germany now living in the U.S.A.
Dodi: Born and living in Croatia.
Cygnet: Born in South Africa now living in New Zealand.
Chronovisor: Born and living in Austria, but moving to New Zealand later.
Now, which countries will follow? Israel? Brasil? Hong Kong? Great Britain? Australia? India? You never can tell. So let's move on being open for good mixes from all over the world!
At least, all I can say is: ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

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